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Modern & Traditional

Taekwon-do school | logo, website & social media | 2020

Taekwon-do logo design emblem

The challenge here was to find balance between the traditionalist and crisp visual representation of a martial art school. I tried to break away from the usual clichés of Taekwon-do emblems (e.g. kicking figures), but I had to keep their structure for certain media in order to deliver a clear message to the relevant audiences, such as, Taekwon-do communities, fellow coaches and potential clients. The desaturated, dingy imagery of the website was meant to somewhat resemble the feel of old B&W martial art movies - spiced up with a hint of [red] colour.

Fun fact: the parallel punching fists in the logo symbolise the frontal view of a known Taekwon-do technique (sang joomuk dwijibo jirugi) and they are located next to the word KWON, which means fist in Korean.

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