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A Collector's Heart

Rammstein InRustrial Collection | 20th anniversary collector's edition | 2014

The greatest privilege of being a design student, is having Creative Freedom. There is no client or employer to tell you what to do. Your choices are your own. Therefore, it's very important that you do what you love, not what you think is the ticket to pass. Tutors can offer you guidance and warn you of the possible risks, however, you have to take those risks if you wish to break out of the confines of mediocre design and challenge yourself in hope of self-improvement.

When I decided to create a collector's edition box set for my favourite German industrial metal band as my BA Major project, my tutors were very much against it. In the end, this one became my highest graded work of all and, to this day, it is serving as an example for later generations. I can safely declare that choosing my passion over a safety bet was well paid off.

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