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Poster Art

LAVoice magazine cover reflecting on the Crisis | 2013

Great ideas come from the strangest places and at the most unexpected times. I was racking my brains over this particular task for about a week without any groundbreaking ideas coming my way. The deadline for having a clear concept was approaching ruthlessly, until I was but ten minutes away from the presentation, waiting for my inevitable abashment, while holding onto a soda can of which content I just consumed in the deepest apathy. Desperately trying to distract myself from my flagellant thoughts, I was completely preoccupied with this perfectly common object. Till all of a sudden, the so craved Heureka experience struck me out of nowhere: the idea of using the can as the central subject of my design and replacing every detail on it with symbols and data referring to the financial crisis, the downgrading of the country to junk level, the bank closedown, the explosion of the power plant, etc... A few moments later I was explaining to the audience my concept of using a soda can for the mag cover as if it was forged over a whole week of thorough research and planning...

poster series for a music fest | 2013

The fun part of this project was disguising myself as Ozzy Osbourne and being the star model of this musical poster. The craziest photoshoot experience of my life...


poster for the PORTAL exhibition | 2016

The below poster carries memories of great honour. It was prepared for an exhibition where I had the honor of exhibiting my work with a big figure of fashion design, Pantelis Panteli, and a renown photographer, Epaminondas Pouris, whose photograph was incorporated into my poster design.

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