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The Snapshot Hunter

taking photos since  | 1995

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I remember the first time I got my hands on a 'fotoapparat'. I was but 5 years old, on holiday in Italy with my family. My father gave me an entire film to use and he had it developed after our return. We've seen beautiful places all over Italy, however, my negatives didn't include any of those amazing sights we've seen. They were pictures of lizards, aloe plants, spiders and some more lizards... My father must have been surprised. Or maybe he wasn't. I always had my own way of looking at things. Old habits never die. Whenever on the go, I'm still taking pictures of random things which ordinary tourist wouldn't. People would think I deprive myself from enjoying the moment by taking so many pictures. But this actually is the way I make the most out of it. And reliving those moments while editing my photos is an extra.

I don't like staged photos. I capture moments and things. I'm a collector of memories. And travelling with my cam in my hands for me is like being on a hunt: I take the 'shooting' very seriously. And not even prohibitions can stop me from pursuing my preys. On the contrary, they make the whole ritual even more exquisite, knowing that I'm going to own a picture of something that only a few lucky one does...

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