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Brick Breaker

No Bricks | logo design | 2019

Brick Breaker animation bouncing ball

No Bricks (Digital Knowledge) offers online educational program and its name stands for the opposite of brick & mortar. The logo itself was also meant to express the non-existence of bricks. But how do you symbolise the lack of something? With negative space, perhaps, that could be one approach. Or you can try to find the cause of the deficit occurred. And what is the greatest demolisher of bricks of all (retro) times, if not the brick breaker itself? Of course, they didn't approve my idea of turning the letter "i" into a brick breaker platform & ball, so I had to come up with something else: I played around with the "no" & "nb" letter combinations, whilst removing every corner that could identify with the shape of a brick. Finally, I gave it a social media/app icon feel.

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