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Turbo Project

landing page & social media banners | 2023

red rectangular icon set designed for a forex company

Doing rush work isn't my thing, but sometimes one doesn't have a choice. I was originally given 4 days to create a promotional landing page in 3 responsive sizes and some animated social media banners, without using stock images. However, as I was on a holiday trip, I only had 2 days to complete this assessment task. Had I been given more time, I'd have probably refined the lighting of the 3D car model in Blender so that it also matches dark backgrounds (not just the original white background of the landing page). I also intended to animate the hero image in prototyping, to make the X transform into a form once the car left the frame upon clicking the CTA. But meeting the deadline was more important. I still managed to show some skill though...

promo landing page designed for a forex company
mobile view of a promo landing page and an animated instagram post designed for a forex company displayed on mobile screen mock-up
animated Facebook post with red sport car designed for a forex company
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