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The Origami Killer's Shoebox

Heavy Rain Origami Edition | video game packaging design | 2015

Heavy Rain Origami Edition shoebox origami animals video game packaging design

Special edition concept for an interactive drama action video game titled Heavy Rain. Regarding its genre, the game is a film noir thriller, which I tried to reflect through the colouring and the title's neon-light-style. The overall unboxing experience is built on the fact that our protagonists starts out by receiving a mysterious shoebox (from the Origami Killer) filled with origami animals, right after his son's disappearance.

Instead of presenting an actual shoebox, I decided to give some illusionary depth to the cardboard box of a standard PS3 digipak size. The box is completely plane on the outside, while all necessary information is printed on the inside and the outter evidence bag. For the illusionary illustration on the inside, I had to create my own origami replicas and take photos of them in an actual shoebox. Which was quite a challenge, since I haven't done much origami in my life. Another exciting challenge was to find a way to transform the key origami figure (the video game's symbolic bird figure) into a standing disc holder, that also functions as a slipcase which can be unfolded into a game manual. The "i" letters missing from the subtitle (Or_gam_  Ed_t_on), is a reference to the hangman game, which also resonates the way the clues are being pieced together as the situation is becoming more and more gruesome.

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