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Art in the Operating Theatre

Skin Deep | Plastic Surgery through a Designer's Eyes | 2011

Skin Deep book cover

Thanks to my father's vocation, plastic surgery has always been an integral part of my life. To the point where even the family albums were accidentally haunted by grotesque before-after images of human torsos. It was the most natural thing to live with... And even though I haven't followed this path, I found myself in the operating theatre from time to time, to live out my genetically inherited passive aggres... I mean passion for surgery in an artistic way: through photography, film, illustration and animation. It meant a constant source of inspiration that enriched my art&design activities for many years. Starting with this visual "report" on a breast lift & tummy tuck surgery titled Skin Deep, which was in fact the first "thesis book" during my graphic design studies. Then a 30 min documentary followed in 2013, completed with an animated title sequence in 2016. 

Skin Deep book spreads

Art in the Operating Theatre | title sequence (short&fast version) | 2016

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