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Superhero Vibes | logo design | 2019

Making a 9-logo seems pretty darn easy at first glance, but I'll be darned if an educated designer can maintain that preconception. Why? Because it's so simple that it's complicated. 9 is a way too common, persumably overused number. And you are entrusted to give it a personality, a bigger meaning behind the number, so that it can become more than just a mere numeric shape. It's not enough for a logo to simply look cool, it has to tell a tale. That specific tale or personality happened to be found in a surprising approach, when the mandator expressed his wish to make it look like Green Lantern... And so a new superhero was born... I'm personally not a fan of the outcome, but the marketing campaign surrounding this logo was massive, the feedbacks were very positive, T-shirts sold like hotcakes...

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